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MIG Inc 5th Open Bi-Monthly September Gathering

 Bi-MONTHLY OPEN GATHERINGS on: 4th Thursday of month

The 2023-24 Bi-Monthly Gatherings are held on the: 4th Thursday of the month:

Forthcoming Dates:

——> 28 September 2023 ,   24 November 2023

1-3–>    1 February 2024,   28 March 2024,   23 May 2024,   

4-6–>  25 July AGM 2024, 26 September 2024 ,   28 November 2024


AGENDA for OPEN Bi-MONTHLY on 28 September 2023 GATHERING

All visitors are welcome to attend our bi-monthy Gatherings

(Updates for this Gathering it will be provided here 2-3 weeks before the date)




Date Thursday 28th of September 2022

Time:   7.00 pm – 8.30 pm

Place:   This month’s meeting will take place at ( To be advised 




NOTE:  If you happen to become unwell prior to the meeting,

             Please do not come, use the ONLINE option 2.  if available.


  If possible the meeting will be a HYBRID meeting, held both:

1.   In person – 36  places available, at:


                        Tea and coffee will be made available afterwards.

                        Use the following link to book a place:

                                       IN PERSON:


2.    Online – 100 places available, Zoom details provided upon booking.

                       Use the following link to book a place

                                          ON ZOOM:

3.  Enquiries:  to find out any information about MIG Inc meetings, membership etc…

                        Email MIG Inc Secretary:


Please Note:  If you happen to become unwell prior to the meeting,

                       please return your “IN PERSON” ticket & book a VIRTUAL place instead.

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Sep 28 2023


7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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