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Title:           Inner East Interfaith Unite for Safety and Respect

                Family Violence – Faith Based Resources

Author:      Prepared for Inner East Interfaith Networks by Monash, Manningham,

                        Boroondara and Whitehorse City Councils.


Link/URL:    Click on the link below to view or  download this document as a pdf file:

                          Faith Communities Unite for Safety and Respect- Faith Based Resources List_Nov 2020 F

1. General

 Faith Communities Council of Victoria

The Faith Communities Council of Victoria opposes family violence and violence against women in all its forms, and call upon people of faith to play a role in its elimination.



Online resource designed to assist faith communities in taking a primary prevention approach to the issue of family violence and violence against women.


FaithTrust Institute

A multi-faith training organisation working to end sexual and domestic violence. Website features faith-based resources about domestic violence to be used by faith communities to address domestic violence.


Webinar recorded on 12 May 2020, this webinar was conducted for all people working to prevent violence against women and family violence.

Tip Sheet

Faith Communities Addressing Violence Against Women and Family Violence – What Works, University of Melbourne and Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health


Promoting Equality and Respect: An interfaith collaboration on preventing family violence:                    family-violence-multifaith.pdf (


Faith leaders

InTouch resource Empowering Faith and Community Leaders to Prevent Violence against Women.


Faith specific


Guidelines for Spiritual Assemblies on Domestic Violence.

This manual has been developed by the National Spiritual Assembly for the purpose of providing informed,

consistent, and explicit guidance to Local Spiritual Assemblies concerning domestic violence.


Buddhist Council Information Family Violence Brochures in four languages

  •  Simplified Chinese
  •  Traditional Chinese
  •  Vietnamese
  •  English



Safer: A resource to help Australian churches understand, identify, and respond to domestic and family violence –

SAFER is an online resource designed by Common Grace to help the Australian Christian community keep victims of domestic and family violence safe.

SAFER gives clear outlines on what domestic and family violence looks like, and offers practical ways to help victims plan for safety, and

help perpetrators face their personal responsibility for ending the abuse.

The Rave: Religion and Violence e-learning –

An e-learning resource for faith leaders and congregations, focused on dissemination of materials and resources.

Resources include downloadable examples of sermons on family violence, selected scripture verses, fact sheets,

and modules designed to raise clergy awareness.

Restored Relationships –
Restored is an international Christian alliance working to transform relationships and end violence against women.

The website provides a link to a range of resources (fact sheets, posters, awareness raising materials), resources for men’s groups,

tools for church self-assessment, and example declarations by leaders. Includes a downloadable pack for churches (pdf).

The Church’s Response to Domestic Family Abuse: A Guideline to Policies, Procedures and Practices (pdf)

The Christian coalition against domestic abuse has created a resource for congregations and church leaders as a guide

to beginning a domestic abuse ministry.



Anglicans Preventing Violence Against Women Program
An initiative of the Diocese of Melbourne to equip churches in their efforts to prevent violence against women.

Anglican Peer Mentor Program: Equipping Anglican Leaders in Violence Prevention (pdf)
A program consisting of six peer directed conversations designed to foster Christian pastoral competence, critical reflection and knowledge of violence prevention.

Responding to Domestic Abuse – Provisional Policy and Good Practice Guidelines (pdf)
This document sets out the domestic abuse policy and good practice guidelines of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney,

as evidence and expression of the Church’s commitment to address and respond effectively to domestic abuse

both within its own community and in the wider society.

How to talk to your church about violence against women: A communications Guide for Leaders. Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.



Baptist Union of Victoria: Preventing Family Violence
The Baptist Union of Victoria has produced the following online resource on prevention of family violence.

See also the Australian Baptist Ministries website.


Catholic Social Services: Domestic Violence – Catholic community committing to prevention and response (pdf)

This resource kit contains material to assist the catholic community in responding to those who seek assistance, and playing a role in prevention.

News updates about Catholic Church actions or pronouncements in relation to family violence in Victoria.    Service Providers – Catholic Social Services Victoria (


Uniting Church

Handbook for Uniting Church clergy and pastoral workers. Uniting Care: Domestic Violence Handbook for Clergy and Pastoral Workers (pdf)


Presbyterians Against Domestic Violence Network (PADVN)
PADVN welcomes those who promote non-violence in all relationships. PADVN provides advocacy and resources for the prevention

of and healing from societal and domestic violence. The website offers a variety of free resources including tools for pastors and

congregational leadership to address domestic violence.


United Methodist Women says it is the largest denominational faith organization for women, with approximately 800,000 members ,

It’s mission is fostering spiritual growth, developing leaders and advocating for justice. United Methodist

Women and United Methodist Men have partnered to launch a domestic violence initiative to raise awareness and

provide training in United Methodist congregations.


Radio interview on ABC Life Matters Friday 3 August 2018 about dowry abuse in Australia:


Videos: Mangalam Srinivasan – Hindu faith perspectives on equality and respect


Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights (AMWCHR) –

An organisation of Muslim women working to advance the rights and status of

Muslim women in Australia. AMWCHR has produced a guide, Islam and Muslims oppose violence against women (pdf)

for Muslim women and communities.

This is a guide for Muslim women who have experienced family violence and others who want to understand it,

featuring information in English, Arabic, Farsi, Somali and Urdu.

A Guide for Muslim Faith Leaders and Communities (pdf)

This resource, developed by Women’s Health in the North and Darebin City Council, is a guide for Muslim faith leaders and

communities to take action to prevent violence against women and promote equal and respectful relationships.

Peaceful Families –

The Peaceful Families Project (PFP) is an initiative devoted to ending domestic violence in Muslim families by

facilitating awareness workshops for Muslim leaders and communities, providing cultural sensitivity training and

technical assistance for professionals, conducting research, and developing resources.

Canadian Council of Muslim Women –

The Canadian Council of Muslim Women has created an online resource that engages men and boys

(including faith leaders) to end violence in the family.


Jewish Care –
Jewish Care is committed to playing a key role in awareness raising, early detection, intervention and provision of support

to those impacted by family violence. See Jewish Care’s position statement (pdf) on family violence.

Will my Rabbi believe me? Will he understand?: Responding to disclosures of family violence in a rabbinic context
Written for rabbis in Victoria, this resource book is an introductory guide to the causes and effects of family violence,

and how rabbis can respond to victims who ask for help.

Jewish Women International: Clergy Task Force on Domestic and Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community –

Jewish Women International offers a number of domestic violence resources for Jewish clergy, including prayers, sermons,

webinars, music, and the Embracing Justice clergy guide. This guide offers key information and resources to support rabbis and

cantors in working with domestic violence victims, families, and perpetrators.


Sikh Australian Support for Family Violence (SASFV) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness,

providing support and striving for the prevention of family violence among the Sikh Australian community, and

boarder culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) community.


  1. Research

Webinar by ANROWS: Prevention of violence against women and safer pathways to services for migrant and refugee communities.

Hear about research insights from 26 projects. and-safer-pathways-to-services-for-migrant-and-refugee-communities/


How faith leaders can best respond to and prevent family violence and violence against women.

The paper has been developed as part of the first phase of the Faith Communities Supporting Health Family

Relationships Participatory Action Research Project with the Multi-faith Advisory Group.


What works to address violence against women and family violence within faith settings: An evidence guide: University of Melbourne, 2020.

Technical paper: Faith communities supporting healthy family relationships, Parkville: University of Melbourne, 2019.


Victorian Government:

Our Community:

Your local Council community grants program. Contact your Council.


Click on the link to view or  download as a pdf file:

 Faith Communities Unite for Safety and Respect- Faith Based Resources List_Nov 2020 F

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