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Monash Interfaith Gathering Inc. (MIG Inc)



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The Monash Interfaith Gathering (MIG Inc) was created to contribute to the harmony of the Monash community, by promoting positive relations between people of different faiths, beliefs and cultures, including those with no religious beliefs. The Gathering seeks to build bridges between people through greater public awareness of the teachings, customs and practises of the world diverse faith traditions as practised in Victoria. The MIG recognises that the relationships between people of different faiths and cultures must be grounded in respect and  mutual understanding, which support the uniqueness of each tradition and encourage co-operative action. MIG Inc supports the right of individuals in Victoria to freely practise their faith. MIG is open to all individuals who support the aims and objectives of the Gathering.                    

Monash Interfaith Gathering (MIG Inc) is sad and  totally disappointed to note the vandalism which has recently occurred attacking a place of worship. We stand in solidarity with the worshippers of the church involved and condemn any such acts of violence. It is particularly difficult to understand, given that many of the worshippers so affected were involved in supporting those less fortunate members of our community.



At the annual AGM on the 13th of July 2023 the new MIG Inc management Committee was elected,

Sithy Marika passed the presidency baton to new president elect Mrs Forough Derahkshan from the Baha’i faith.


 New president Forough D  &  past president Sithy M.           Committee:Ehsan, Kamla, Jan, Forough, Sithy,Michelle & David

Congratulations to the new MIG Inc Management Committee. 


Below are listed the latest videos of MIG Inc events 


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NAIDOC Week Book Club 2023

Unity in Diversity - Dr Shara Ket

MIG Inc 4-March 2023
Heather Yelland - Harmony Lunch address

We were fortunate to welcome Heather Yelland as guest speaker to address the MIG Harmony Lunch on Saturday 4 March 2023.

Heather is the founder and the Director of The Elevation Company, a leading authority in Values Based Leadership, and is a respected voice in the international arena of business and corporate innovation, consulting and coaching. With formal training in arts, psychology, family and systems theory and business, Heather has been a ‘people’ specialist for over 30 years. Her ability to get to the heart of what drives and inspires people, what limits them and prevents them from realising their fullest potential, has been the foundation of her work in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA and Asia.

Heather is a renowned figure in the change leadership, business engagement and leadership development fields, bringing a new architecture to the structure of how wedo this work, and the impact it has on individual employee satisfaction, team innovation and business growth. Heather specialises in the development of strong and abiding relationships and sees this as being the essence of all her work, with individuals, children, families and businesses. She is also the Founder and Director of the highly acclaimed Green SuperCamp™ Australia programme, offering personal leadership, academic acceleration and environmental awareness to children aged 10 to 18 years. This work also takes Heather to Myanmar, where she provides training for students and teachers at the Brainworks Total Group of Schools.

(1) Heather Yelland at MIG Inc 4-03-2023 Harmony Lunch address – YouTube (time: 59 min)



MIG Inc 14-November 2022
Heather Yelland - Gender Equality/Respectful Relationships

MIG Inc welcomed Heather Yelland to address its members on the commission activities to facilitate harmony in our communities.

This is White Ribbon Week, and Monash Interfaith Gathering has invited international speaker Heather Yelland to give a speech on Gender Equality/Respectful Relationships. Heather is the Founder and Director of The Elevation Company. She has been a ‘people’s specialist’ for over 30 years, is a leading authority in Values Based Leadership, and is a respected voice in the international arena.

If you missed the event, you may like to watch the event now. 

(1) Heather Yelland at MIG In 2022-11-14 Gender Equality Respectful Relationships – YouTube (time: 1 h: 22 min)


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