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Monash Interfaith Gathering Inc. (MIG Inc)



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The Monash Interfaith Gathering (MIG Inc) was created to contribute to the harmony of the Monash community,

by promoting positive relations between people of different faiths, beliefs and cultures, including those with no religious beliefs.

The Gathering seeks to build bridges between people through greater public awareness of the teachings, customs and

practises of the world diverse faith traditions as practised in Victoria.

The MIG recognises that the relationships between people of different faiths and cultures must be grounded in respect and

mutual understanding, which support the uniqueness of each tradition and encourage co-operative action.

MIG Inc supports the right of individuals in Victoria to freely practise their faith.

                                              MIG is open to all individuals who support the aims and objectives of the Gathering.                        




MIG Inc FORUM: STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN Manpreet Kaur Singh 18th of November 2021

Special Guest Speaker : Manpreet Kaur Singh from SBS  

   Program manager & Journalist of SBS.

  • Manpreet is best known as a Walkley-nominated, multi-award winning SBS broadcaster for 28 years.
  • Worked across all platforms of journalism : Newspapers,  Radio, Magazines, Television and online
  • Currently Program manager for SBS overseeing the editorial output of eight language programs

    If you missed the event, you may like to watch the event now

Manpreet presentation is followed by : Ruby Lampard, Development Officer of Kara House

Supporting and Empowering Women and Children Impacted by Family Violence


MIG Inc FORUM : 5 Women of Faith – 23/9/2021    (INDIVIDUAL VIDEOS) 

My role as a woman in my faith community 

  VIDEO 1.  Sherene Hassan OAM -Director Islamic Museum

            – Shares her work to build bridges between communities.

                 (time 24:40)



 VIDEO 2. Nirmala Narasimhan  –  Hindu Temple   

          – Shares strategies on addressing domestic violence.


              (time 23:40)



  VIDEO 3. Joscelyn Kumar Mills  –  Baha’i faith

     – Shares a Values program run for children of all faiths.

          (time 23:40)




  VIDEO 4. Verena Youssef – Christian Coptic Church

         – Shares how they keep youth and young families

              engaged in their faith.

                (time 31:40)



  VIDEO 5. Deb Leigh – Christian Uniting Church 

    – Shares how “Choir of Hope” addresses social isolation

        and domestic violence.

          (time 19:40)



MIG Inc : 5 Women of Faith Forum - My role as a woman in my faith community 23/9/2021 FULL VIDEO - 2h 14m

25th March - Youth Forum

MIG Inc conducted a Youth Forum on 25th March at which six youth representing Baha’i, Jewish, Brahma Kumaris, Muslim, Christian Coptic and a Humanist shared their faiths and how it impacts on their lives and we all loved Ananya’s spontaneous song at the end.

They were an impressive group of young people. A small number of visitors attended in person and more than 40 attendees joined online.  If you missed the event, you may like to watch the event now.

25th March Youth Forum

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