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Australian Red Cross Extreme Hardship Program

Who is this program for?
Applicants must meet all of the following:   live in Victoria
be unable to access Commonwealth income support (including JobKeeper,
Job Seeker and SRSS)
have zero or very limited income, savings or community support
be a temporary or provisional visa holder, or undocumented migrant.

What support is being provided?
Limited cash payments to cover basic needs, such as food, bills and
medicine. A single person may receive $800. Families may receive more.
Red Cross can also provide information about other supports available to
people living in Victoria on temporary visas.

For more information and to apply go to

If you have questions you can call us on 1800 855 240, including with an interpreter.


Latest Information on Covid-19

Religious Ceremonies and activities Restrictions in the State of Victoria

 click on the link > Religion and ceremonies | Coronavirus Victoria

210824 – Vaccine Eligibility Expanding For Anyone 16 And Over

Tuesday, 24 August 2021
Every Victorian aged 16 years and over will be eligible to access a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine at state-run vaccination centres from tomorrow,

under an expansion of the state vaccine program that will further help Victoria reach its goal of one million doses over five weeks.
The change means that from Wednesday 25 August, anyone aged 18 to 59 will be eligible to receive either Pfizer or AstraZeneca –

with people aged 16 to 17 able to receive the Pfizer vaccine. Those aged 60 and over will continue to receive AstraZeneca.
Over the next four weeks, there will be over 830,000 appointments for COVID-19 vaccines at more than 55 state-run centres

operating across Victoria – this includes 450,000 first dose appointments for the Pfizer vaccine.
With this new expansion, the number of Victorians eligible to receive Pfizer has increased by 2 million.

Approximately 1.7 million Victorians aged 16 to 59 have already been vaccinated across general practice,

Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations, community pharmacy and state vaccination centres.
The expansion follows the supply of an additional 175,000 doses of Pfizer from the Commonwealth, recently received from overseas.
Anyone aged 18 to 39 who has a current booking for AstraZeneca from Wednesday 25th August who would prefer to receive Pfizer,

will not need to cancel or change your booking – you will be offered Pfizer when you arrive for your appointment, unless you would prefer to receive AstraZeneca.
The change in eligibility will not occur until tomorrow and the additional bookings will be available online from 7am tomorrow.
However, with the number of Victorians aged 18 to 59 still far outweighing the Pfizer doses available from the Commonwealth,

the AstraZeneca vaccine will still be available for those who choose to provide consent and discuss their vaccination with a medical professional.

The best vaccine you can get is the one that you can get today.
The state-run centres include three new drive-through vaccination sites, at the Former Ford Factory in Broadmeadows,

at Sandown Racecourse in Springvale and at the Eagle Stadium in Werribee.
The new sites join the Melton drive-through clinic at the former Bunnings warehouse site, which saw 1,200 doses delivered in its first week of operation.
It’s important to remember Victorians can also book to get vaccinated with their local GP or selected pharmacists across the state.
Victorians are required to book their vaccination appointment by visiting or by phoning the Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398.
Visit for more information on Victoria’s vaccination centres, including locations and opening hours.
For more information call the coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398 or visit
Quote attributable to Premier Daniel Andrews
“We’ve already delivered more than 230,000 doses towards our 1 million jabs target which is a mammoth effort.

But please, if you haven’t had your vaccination yet, just book it in today to protect yourself and your loved ones.”
Quote attributable to Minister for Health Martin Foley
“Getting vaccinated is our way out of this pandemic. This outbreak has reminded us yet again that this virus doesn’t discriminate,

not by age or profession. Now is the time to come forward and protect yourself and those you love.”

To view as a pdf file or to download click on the link below:

210824 – Vaccine Eligibility Expanding For Anyone 16 And Over

Covid-19 Restrictions metropolitan Melbourne

View or download latest information: Department of Health and Human Services Victoria 

Web link >:  How we live: Information for metropolitan Melbourne | Coronavirus Victoria



Foodbank Victoria provides free and culturally diverse food and pantry items to

international Students in need of food relief,  via their International Student Pop-Up Store.

For further information and how to access the support, visit:




To view Foodbank Victoria informational videos click on the Facebook link below:

Pulling together through the lockdown | Facebook | Facebook


How to clean and disinfect your workplace

Summary to COVID-19

This document provides guidance on routine cleaning, and cleaning and disinfection following a case or suspected case of the COVID-19 in a non-healthcare workplace.              It covers:

1.1 – Cleaning during the COVID-19 pandemic

1.2 – Definitions

1.3 – Cleaning and disinfecting solutions

1.4 – Checklist of standard precautions for cleaning

1.5 – Recommended cleaning by surface

1.6 – Recommended cleaning by item

   1.6.1 – General                                                                                     View or download pdf >:  how-to-clean-disinfect-your-workplace-covid19 (

   1.6.2 – Specialised electronic equipment                                                                                                     

   1.6.3 – Retail

   1.6.4 – Building and construction

   1.6.5 – Warehousing and logistics

   1.6.6 – Transport

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