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The Monash Interfaith Network was established in November 2006, to promote harmony and acceptance of all faiths and beliefs in the city of Monash, to develop a caring and peaceful community.
To achieve this, we defend the right of each individual member of our community, to profess freely their faith and beliefs.
To bring the members of the MIG together and get an understanding that, we as human beings, have similar needs, similar problems, similar issues to solve, even though we have different beliefs; over the last few years, we have addressed some of the common community issues that affect all of us, irrespective of our creeds.
In a 2013 Forum, we have addressed: “Mental Health” issues.

In a 2014 Forum, we addressed: “Domestic Violence: Silence is Not the Answer.”

In 2015 Forum “Family Violence: is Education and Faith an answer?”

In 2016 We visited the Islamic Museum, Jewish Holocaust Centre & celebrated our 10th Anniversary.

In 2017 We visited Anglican & Jewish places of worship.

In 2018 ERINJAC Forum, we presented “Together We Can”. Baha’i, Buddhist & Orthodox Christian faiths also made presentations at our Gatherings.

In 2019 we held a Harmony Dinner and also a “Walk Together Eat Together” event for the Community.

In 2020 we;

  • informed the community of assistance available during Covid-19 and held our Gatherings on Zoom™.
  • initiated an online Intercultural High Tea Book Club to help address social isolation, intercultural friendships and love of reading.
  • invited a guest speaker, Uncle Bill Robertson from the Wurundjeri woi Wurrung people to speak on aboriginal culture.
  • held an online screening of the film “Can Art Stop a Bullet” followed by discussion.

In 2021 We held;

  • a Welcome Harmony Lunch to the City of Monash – held by MIG Inc on the 13th of March at the Mulgrave Community Centre.
  • a Youth Forum with six young people sharing their different faiths & application to their lives.
  • The Intercultural High Tea Book club participated in the online Clayton Festival with Archie Fusilio as our guest speaker.

Bi-Monthly Gathering

Bi-Monthly Gathering

Buddhist Temple 20th Anniversary 2017

Community Harmony Dinner

Forums Focusing On Abuse

Interfaith Exhibition 2010

Interfaith Festival

VIN Interfaith Conference 2014

Visiting Places Of Worship 2018

Visit To Place Of Worship

Harmony Welcome Meal 2021

Harmony Welcome Meal 2021

MIG Committee Meeting Online 2021

MIG Committee Meeting Online 2021

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