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About Us

MIG is a multi-faith gathering of individuals from a wide variety of beliefs whose purpose is to foster Understanding, Respect & Harmony within the community.


  • To build bridges between people of all faiths and beliefs within the community of Monash, so that all of us attain a peaceful and fruitful co-existence.
  • To undertake activities that promote interaction, understanding, acceptance and respect, between individuals and communities of different faiths beliefs or no beliefs.
  • To encourage open communication, interfaith dialogue and partnerships to strengthen community harmony and address the needs of the local communities.
  • To build trust between people and communities of different faiths, beliefs and cultures.
  • To educate the community, including schools, about the importance of interfaith and intercultural communication and understanding.
  • To provide advice on interfaith issues to Council.


Public Forums & Seminars

MIG hosts panel discussion and forums & invites relevant guest speakers, to talk on significant current topics related to community needs.

Tours of places of worship

MIG organises bus tours and Open Days of different places of worship for interested members of the public, Council staff and community organisations.

Special Events

MIG runs special events each year, such as White Ribbon Day and Harmony Dinner.
We also support other interfaith events and activities around Melbourne & Victoria.


MIG holds bi-monthly gatherings on the 4th Thursday of January, March, May, July, September and November.

These are open meetings, to discuss community faith issues, to promote planned activities and to hear from speakers on topics of Faith and Community issues.

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